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"An Alternative Reality" Vol. 1: Winter 2017 Zine

"An Alternative Reality" Vol. 1: Winter 2017 Zine


The physical copy of An Alternative Reality's Winter 2017 zine.$5 for the zine, $3 for shipping. Please allow 1-2 weeks for shipping. All shipments come with free merch and a personalized cartoon!

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The An Alternative Reality Winter 2017 Comics Zine includes:

- The best An Alternative Reality comics from September 2016 - January 2017
- Two brand new An Alternative Reality comics made ~exclusively~ for the zine
- A guest comic from William Miracle
- Guest comics from Cosmic Stew Comics
- A humorist essay from Nathan Kerce
- A spread on mental health and self-care from Peggy Des Jardines
- A poem from KyKy Renee Knight
- A spread on local album recommendations
- and more!?!?! (kinda)